While you may have heard of a
While you may have heard of a

While you may have heard of a

While you may have heard of a controversial new program called
Site Match, which is being run by the Yahoo/Overture team, what
you probably don’t know is what this program is really all
about. Site Match is a program created to get your site into the
Yahoo database (formerly the Inktomi database) and it can be
expensive. It is based on a yearly fee and an additional cost
for every click you get from a Yahoo based search engine. suku88

Demystifying the Mysterious Site Match

Let me back up a bit and give you some history. On a hot July
day in 2003, the directory giant Yahoo bought the colossus Pay
Per Click (PPC) database Overture (previously known as Goto).
Today, Yahoo has decided to monetize by offering us such
programs as Site Match.

What Site Match Is Not

– Site Match has nothing to do with the $299 fee you pay to get
into Yahoo’s directory

– Site Match will not get you better rankings in Yahoo (or in

– Site Match does not get you into Overture’s auction-style PPC

What Site Match Is

Site Match ensures that your site is listed in Yahoo’s search
database (not their directory), and that it is refreshed every
48 hours. If you are not listed in Yahoo’s search database you
can do one of two things:

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